CLOVERLEAF, Texas – Commissioner Jack Morman is proud to announce the completion of the SaferStreets2Schools Barbara Mae Street sidewalk project. SaferStreets2Schools is a Precinct 2 program that partners with local school districts to improve areas with high student-pedestrian traffic. 

Commissioner Morman meets with the school districts at least once a year to discuss necessary improvements for the area. “We very much value their input, as they see firsthand how we can improve the safety and efficiency of getting our children to and from school,” said Commissioner Morman. 

The $112,000 project, which was in partnership with the Galena Park Independent School District, began in late June. It included the installation of a sidewalk on the east side of Barbara Mae Street from Holly Park Drive to Alderson Street, as well as pedestrian refuge areas and a crossing over a Harris County Flood Control ditch. 

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