HOUSTON, Texas – Harris County Commissioner Jack Morman and Constable Silvia Trevino hosted a ribbon cutting event last Thursday commemorating the iconic mural located on 5900 Canal Street in Houston. Community leaders and local residents filled the street to celebrate the repainting of the artwork representing the story of Mexican-Americans. 

Guests of honor included the original artist who painted the 240-foot long by 16-foot tall mural in 1973, Leopoldo Tanguma, and his wife Jeanne, as well as the new artist, GONZO247, also known as Mario Figueroa, Jr. and his wife Carolyn. 

“This mural is about respect,” said Commissioner Morman. “Leo, your vision over the last four decades to bring people together will again bring people together today and for years to come. Thank you so much for your gift to us.” He also recognized GONZO247 for completing a near impossible task that went beyond all expectations. 

Commissioner Morman would like to thank everyone who attended the celebration and helped make the event a success!