On behalf of Commissioner Jack Morman we would like to thank Stephen Coycault for being Precinct2gether's Texan Plus Champions Finalist! Now it is our turn to cheer Mr. Coycault on and help Precinct2gether Inc. win $25,000. Voting begins at www.TexanPlusChampions.com on July 31st through September 18th. You can vote once a day from your computer, your laptop, your tablet, and your cell phone! The best part is you do not have to live in Harris County to show your support and WIN 2gether!

Stephen Coycault has made a difference in the life of senior citizens in numerous ways from spending time educating seniors, to working on policies that impact them in their daily lives through saving them money. He played an integral role with the Pasadena Meals on Wheels program and has been wildly successful in reducing the program’s waiting list from 300 to only 50 persons, currently. Mr. Coycault is on the Advisory Planning Council for Area Aging. He also conducts monthly meetings at East Harris County Activity Center to teach approximately 50 Precinct2gether seniors classes on topics such as How to avoid Identity Theft; Scams; Fraud and Elder Abuse. In addition, Mr. Coycault assists Veterans in their application for VA benefits; and he also assists widows with acquiring any assistance in which they qualify. He educates homeowners how to apply for their over 65 and over exemptions from appraisal districts, as well as, how to effectively protest their taxes. Mr. Coycault promotes the Texas Silver-Haired Legislature by speaking at Town Hall meetings and Legislative meetings, civic groups and churches. Mr. Coycault is TRIAD Director for Harris County Precinct Two, which is a partnership between senior citizens, law enforcement and the community. Through this partnership, he is able to educate Precinct2gether seniors on how to stay aware and learn the tricks used on seniors to harm them financially.
Mr. Coycault believes in the Precinct2gether Senior Program mission of encouraging social and physical activity among senior citizens to better guide them to remain a contributing and viable force in their community. Stephen Coycault is the walking example of Precinct2gether Senior Citizen’s Mission.