For the senior citizens of Precinct 2, transportation is a big deal.  Registered senior groups enjoy day trips on Precinct 2 buses while socializing with friends and experiencing new adventures.  Seniors that participate in the Congregate Meal Program appreciate daily transportation to their local community center and all seniors enjoy scheduled evening trips without the worry of having to drive at night.

Precinct 2 has worked diligently to update its aging transportation fleet.  To date we have replaced 10 county buses and 4 community center vans. Grayson seniors and staff were thrilled beyond words as they recently welcomed the newest community center bus.  "It's Christmas in November," one senior commented.  It was such an exciting day at Grayson - that the seniors were all ready to make their first trip on the new shiny bus!

Thank You Commissioner Morman for your continuous support to the senior citizens of Precinct 2.  Judging by the smiles all around--your work is greatly appreciated!