Precinct2gether has commemorated the 40th anniversary of Harris County Precinct Two’s senior citizens program, founded by Commissioner Jim Fonteno. The culmination of this year-long celebration took place on September 11th at the annual Black & White Ball where Commissioner Jack Morman and the staff of Precinct2gether paid tribute to Mrs. JoAnn Fonteno for her long-standing support of the senior program which was established four decades ago by her husband.

The elegant event was held at Sylvan Beach Pavilion and was well attended by current and former Precinct 2 employees who wanted to thank Mrs. Fonteno for all her work in developing the senior program – both directly and behind the scenes. Many of these special guests made significant individual contributions themselves to the growth of the senior program throughout the years and were also honored during the ball.

The highlight of this special evening was the moment when Commissioner Morman recognized Mrs. JoAnn Fonteno as the recipient of the 2015 Jim Fonteno “Service to Our Community” award, as her extended family, friends and well-wishers rose to their feet in complete admiration. Mrs. Fonteno then eloquently spoke about the legacy of the senior program, and thanked the staff of Precinct2gether for keeping Commissioner Fonteno’s vision intact and vibrant—as the program was still near and dear to her heart.