Driveway & Culvert Installation and Repair

All driveways and culvert installations or repair require coordination through the Harris County Permits Office. You can apply for applicable permits in-person or submit online.


Residential Culvert Installation Process:

  1. Apply for a permit through the Harris County Permits Office
  2. You will receive the culvert size with your approved permit
  3. Purchase culvert and have culverts delivered to the site
  4. Mark/stake the location(s) of the culvert installation
  5. Contact and request installation through Precinct 2 Community Assistance
  6. Within 48 hours, Precinct 2 Road & Bridge staff will contact you with an estimated installation date


Click here for more information regarding permits.

For more information or to place a service request, call the Precinct 2 Community Assistance line at (713) 455-8104 or fill out our Online Service Request Form.