On Nov. 6, 2018, Adrian Garcia was elected Harris County Commissioner for Precinct 2, which serves more than 1.1 million people. Commissioner Adrian Garcia is working every day to make Precinct 2 and all of Harris County a place where everyone who wants a job can get a job, where everyone can afford to rent or own a home, and where our kids and seniors can walk to church, the park or school without fear of crime.

Adrian is the child of immigrants who moved here to build a better life for their family. He is a lifelong resident of Precinct 2 with a 35-year record of distinguished public service. That’s why Adrian has devoted his life to building a Precinct 2 community that honors and celebrates the diversity of our people, neighborhoods and culture.

Harris County Precinct 2 is made up of the most humble and hard-working people in America. It includes most of East Harris County, from Lake Houston to Galveston Bay, from the historic neighborhoods in Houston’s Northside to the booming suburbs of Clear Lake and the booming industries along the Ship Channel that power our region’s economy.