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Community Plans

Commissioner Adrian Garcia is committed to making the Precinct better than when he received it. With this mission in mind, the Precinct’s Engineering Division created a Planning Team. The Planning Team is responsible for creating and overseeing the development of plans that are aimed to improve the 10 unincorporated areas within Precinct 2.

Each Community Plan is developed over several months after a series of stakeholder, taskforce, visioning, and other meetings with local residents. The final product is a plan that outlines enhancement projects to address near-term and long-term challenges based on the recommendations of that very community. These projects may include mobility & transportation, housing, land use, economic development, historic and cultural resources, public health/services/safety, and sustainability.

Take a look below at the plans that are either in development or have recently been completed. Continue to check back here for updates on new or existing plans! 

Barrett Plan

East End Bike Plan

Cloverleaf Livable Centers Study

North Shore Plan

Precinct 2 Parks and Trails Plan

John R. Harris Park

Channelview Plan

Highlands Lynchburg Plan

McNair & Linus Community Plan

Sylvan Beach Masterplan

Veterans Memorial Masterplan

South Houston Livable Center

Aldine Region Comprehensive Study

Northside on the Move

Bay Area Ped-Bike Safety Study