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The Harris County Precinct 2 Public Works Department is committed to meeting the needs of residents by installing and maintaining the infrastructure in the unincorporated areas in Precinct 2. 

Precinct 2 Public Works provide services such as pothole repairs, right of way maintenance, ensure proper storm drainage, street markings and signage.   

The following provides a guidance of what the department manages and maintains. Please review prior to submitting Service requests.

Sidewalks are typically installed by the developer as an amenity to the community.

Precinct 2 will only repair sidewalks if they are damaged by a storm sewer maintained by Precinct 2. If this is the case, Precinct 2 will repair the storm sewer and the impacted sidewalk.  

If the sidewalk damage is caused by failing Infrastructure (i.e., water, sewer, and data communications) not owned and maintained by Precinct 2 then it is the responsibility of that entity to make repairs. 

All other sidewalk maintenance and repairs are generally the responsibility of the homeowner, Homeowner Owners Association (HOA), Municipal Utility District (MUD) or non-Precinct 2 entity.

Harris County Precinct 2 recognizes that residential property owners may install their private infrastructure in the public right-of-way by obtaining a permit through the Harris County Engineering Department Permits Division. These items are generally permissible if the items do not pose a hazard, such as interference with site distance, proposed improvements, proposed work, or create some other public safety issue. If any existing items are not permitted or pose a hazard, Precinct 2 will request that the residential property owner remove the items. If items are not removed within 30 days of the notice, Precinct 2 will remove them and charge the expense of removal to the residential property owners.  

For private infrastructure that is permitted in the public right of way that is involved in a Harris County Engineering construction project, it is typical for Harris County contractors to assume the cost of removal. There may be variables that affect the overall determination if it will be reinstalled based on the final design of the project. Each item will be evaluated to determine if it is permissible and does not pose a hazard.  Items that are approved, will be installed at Harris County contractor’s expense.  Private infrastructure that is not permitted will not be reinstalled and the property owner will need to follow the process outlined above to obtain the necessary permits.   

Residential property owners required to install a driveway to access their property through a Harris County maintained road, must obtain a permit through Harris County Engineering Department Permits Division. Precinct 2 will only install culverts for residential property owners.   

  • For homebuilders/developers: You must install your own culvert and driveway with Harris County Engineering Department inspecting it before covering it up. You will need to contact the Harris County Engineering Department Permits Division to determine the required pipe size and material before beginning work. 
  • For other property owners: Property owners are limited to no more than 2 culvert installations per year. The Harris County Engineering Department Permits Division provides information about the required pipe size, pipe material and backfill material needed for your culvert.  The maximum pipe length that can be installed is 40 feet parallel to the street. You must also purchase the pipe from a supplier and have it delivered on-site before scheduling installation. Precinct 2 will not install used, damaged, or deteriorated pipes. The culvert pipe material must be reinforced concrete pipes.  

Before calling Precinct 2, you will need to mark the location where you want the culvert to go by marking both sides of the drive using stakes, flags, or marking paint.  It is okay to mark with paint along the edge of the street.  We will need your name, street address, telephone number, permit number, and length of the culvert to be installed to issue a service request for the culvert installation. 

Once you have purchased the pipe and it is on the property, contact Precinct 2 at (713) 274-2222 to update the service request, and we will schedule a crew to set up and cover the culvert.  We will schedule the work and install the pipe as the weather and time permit. 

All culverts longer than 40’ is considered commercial property, and the culvert must be installed by a contractor or property owner. If you install the pipe yourself, the county will specify the size of the pipe and will inspect the installation prior to backfilling.  You must call the Harris County Engineering Department Permits Division before installation to schedule the inspection.  

A pipe that has been installed incorrectly without an inspection is subject to removal by the County at the property owner’s expense.

To contact the Harris County Engineering Department-Permits Division, visit https://www.eng.hctx.net/permits or call 713-274-3232 for immediate assistance.