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Since taking office in 2019, Commissioner Garcia has been prioritizing drainage and multimodal transportation projects across Precinct 2. These projects include but not limited to, sidewalks, bike lanes, trails, public transit.  

Commissioner Garcia has tasked his Engineering and Capital Projects Department to focus on planning & delivering capital improvement projects that enhance the quality of life, achieve resiliency and sustainability in our communities. He is also focused on improving and increasing public safety, and expanding economic development throughout the precinct.

Through active community engagement and strong community partnerships, the Engineering and Capital Projects Department provides oversight for the planning, design, management and construction of public infrastructure projects including street & traffic improvements, drainage and flood mitigation improvements, parks, trails, and facilities.

As part of Commissioner Garcia's commitment to ensure transparency and accountability, his team has developed a Projects Dashboard to offer insight into progress, cost, spending and timeline. The dashboard includes an interactive map that showcases relevant project details and timelines. To take a closer look at the dashboard and map please click graphics -->