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Q&A with Precinct 2's Carly Horn, Parks and Recreation Budget and Program Coordinator

Carly has a passion for community engagement and environmental stewardship and is proud to serve precinct 2 residents in the Parks and Recreation Department. 

By María Salazar /
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Q&A with Precinct 2's Robert Mitchell, Hardy-Aldine Public Works Camp Supervisor

Robert proudly serves the residents of Precinct 2 with day-to-day service calls as well as during weather emergencies. He recalls one of the toughest but proudest moments in his career was helping during the aftermath of Hurricane Ike.

By María Salazar / 28 February 2024
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Q&A with Alma Galvan, Precinct 2’s Human Resources Business Partner

Alma helps recruit candidates to join the Precinct 2 teamand mission to make Precinct 2 the best place to live, work, and play foreveryone. In her spare time, she enjoys spending afternoons at Precinct 2’sbeachfront park.
By María Salazar / 24 January 2024
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A Father’s Pain Turned into a Purpose

After tragically losing his daughter on the day of her 10th birthday party, Eric became a fierce advocate against drunk and impaired driving.

By Alonzo Guadarrama / 28 December 2023

Q&A with Deville Murray, Precinct 2's Transportation Manager

With 30 years of industry expertise, Mr. Murray brings knowledge of various fleet operations and road networks. He ensures every ride for our seniors and veterans is more than a commute – it’s an opportunity to bestow honor and dignity for our veteran and senior community and create a heartfelt experience for them. 
By Maria Salazar / 26 November 2023
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