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Q&A with Deville Murray, Precinct 2's Transportation Manager

With 30 years of industry expertise, Mr. Murray brings knowledge of various fleet operations and road networks. He ensures every ride for our seniors and veterans is more than a commute – it’s an opportunity to bestow honor and dignity for our veteran and senior community and create a heartfelt experience for them. 
By Maria Salazar / 26 November 2023

Q&A with Amanda Marshall, Precinct 2's Assistant Director of Engineering

Amanda oversees capital improvement projects for a safer, more resilient Precinct 2. She holds a Bachelor's and Master of Science in Engineering from Louisiana Tech University. Amanda is a Louisiana native who made Houston her home 16 years ago.

By Maria Salazar /
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Q&A with Asha Minix, Precinct 2's Assistant Director of Health Services

Asha is a proud resident of East Harris County and graduate of Channelview High School. She holds a MPH with a focus on community health education and is passionate about eradicating the stigma around mental illness.

By María Salazar / 25 September 2023
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Q&A with Antonio Rosalio, Precinct 2's CIP Program Manager

Antonio, a civil engineer and native of Ciales, Puerto Rico, is proud to oversee infrastructure projects that directly benefit the residents of Precinct 2.

By María Salazar / 28 August 2023
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Q&A with Irene and Ashton, Student2Government Academy participants

Irene and Ashton spent part of the summer learning about local government and leadership with Precinct 2.

By María Salazar / 26 July 2023
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