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Houston, TX - Houston Mayor Pro Tem Dave Martin and Harris County Precinct 2 Commissioner Adrian Garcia are excited to announce the outcome of the El Dorado Swale Survey. Mayor Pro Tem Martin was confident residents would oppose the installation of a median swale, however, due to the increased cost of in-ground detention Mayor Pro Tem Martin needed data to support this design modification to the existing El Dorado Expansion Project. The residents of Clear Lake and surrounding communities provided more than 1,500 unique responses with an overwhelming 80% in opposition of the median swale.

As a result, the expansion project will include in-ground rainwater detention that will be installed underneath the hike and bike trail, maintaining the existing community aesthetic. "I am excited to partner with the city of Houston and City Council Member Dave Martin to see this project come to fruition," Garcia said. "This project will improve the mobility and safety in the region and provides us with an opportunity for future hike and bike trails." 

Mayor Pro Tem Martin has identified $585,000 to fund the increase by delaying two District E Stormwater Action Team (SWAT) projects. The two delayed FY 2021 SWAT projects, now being scheduled for FY 2022, are the Ney Street and Evonne street projects. Mayor Sylvester Turner, understanding the importance of this design modification to the community, has agreed to contribute the remaining $165,000 from the City of Houston's general fund.

The addition of in-ground rainwater detention has reorganized the El Dorado Expansion project into two phases. The estimated cost for the first phase is $ 2.2 million and Harris County Commissioner Adrian Garcia agreed to allocate 50% of the remaining costs which is approximately $1.1 million. Phase 1 will include the work on expanding the additional lanes, median, and bridge over Horsepen Bayou. Presently, the project is on schedule for Phase 1 to be substantially complete in October 2021, weather permitting.

Phase 2 will consist of the original design for the hike and bike trail, incorporating the in-ground rainwater detention. The in-ground detention will be tied in directly to the existing trunk line. As the trunk line fills, so will the proposed subsurface detention; as the trunk line empties, so will the proposed subsurface detention. Phase 2 is intended to begin immediately following the completion of Phase 1, targeting May 2022 for substantial completion of Phase 2, weather permitting.

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