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    Meal Distributions During COVID-19

    The safety and well-being of our communities come first in Precinct 2. We understand that during this time food accessibility can be limited due to vacant grocery stores. However, the Houston Food Bank, school districts, as well as other organizations are working together to host food distributions in various areas, in efforts to address the food insecurity while following social distancing procedures for the safety of the community.
    By / 17 March 2020

    From Hollywood Stuntman to Senior Citizen Push Man

    Harris County Precinct 2 resident, Mike Mireles, was a rising star in Hollywood with appearances in Selena, The Alamo, and The Gambler V: Playing for Keeps just to name a few and working alongside Chuck Norris for several years, he was well on his way to stardom. Sadly, when Mireles’s father passed away a few years ago, he did what any loving son would do. He left his exciting Hollywood career and returned to Texas to care for his mom, Adelina. Since, he’s kept busy by starting several businesses including a children’s entertainment company, opry karaoke, and a party DJ but felt a greater need to help his mom find happiness again.
    By / 07 February 2020

    Commissioner Garcia Gets out Into the Community

    At the beginning of the year, Commissioner Adrian Garcia laid out how he wanted his schedule to be coordinated and his vision for doing so. He does not like to sit and work from his desk every single day - he likes to get out, meet residents where they live, and really understand what impacts them. One of his goals for this year is to do more of this on a regular basis. This means having more one-on-ones with residents, as well as attending HOA, civic club and PTA meetings, and visits with staff.
    By / 07 February 2020

    Precinct 2 Spotlight- Brenda Loper Retires after 25 years of Service and Dedication to Precinct 2 Residents

    Congratulations to one of our most beloved bus drivers, Brenda Loper! After 25 years of service, Brenda is retiring from Harris County Precinct 2 Transportation Services.
    By / 06 February 2020

    Precinct 2 Spotlight- Featuring Our Ferry Deckhands

    Congratulations to Lynchburg Ferry deckhands James Davis, Billy Duggan, and Gregory Jackson for passing the United States Coast Guard (USCG) 100 Ton Inland Captain’s License Examination.
    By Stephanie Sanchez / 06 January 2020
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