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Q&A with Precinct 2's Carly Horn, Parks and Recreation Budget and Program Coordinator


Describe your role and how it impacts Precinct 2 residents.

As the Budget and Program Coordinator for Precinct 2’s Parks and Recreation Department, my primary responsibility is to provide administrative support to the organization by overseeing department budgets, which include the Parks and Recreation, Community Centers, Grants Management Services, and Workforce Development Departments. Additional responsibilities include financial reporting, obtaining approvals for services rendered, receiving invoices, and assisting with programming. My role directly impacts Precinct 2 residents and business owners as I help to ensure that we are efficiently and appropriately allocating our approved budgets' funding to serve our constituents adequately.

What do you enjoy most about your job? 

There are several reasons why I enjoy my job, but if I must name one, it would be the opportunities for personal and professional growth and development. I am consistently encouraged to pursue supplemental training or professional development courses that enhance my skill set and deepen my understanding of my role and responsibilities in the organization. In addition, I'm given opportunities to work on special projects that not only showcase my abilities but also advance my career! Opportunities such as this keep me engaged and motivated in my role. 


You are a core part of Precinct 2’s launch of Agents of Discovery. Describe your role with this project and what excites you most about it.

Once I received confirmation that we were officially moving forward with Agents of Discovery, I was given full responsibility for the project. I have been the lead on all aspects of Agents of Discovery from start to launch! 
• Budgeting
• Planning
• Creating
• Testing
• Promoting
• Implementing
• Demonstrating
• And repeat!
Our main goal with Agents of Discovery is to get constituents of all demographics out to our parks. By completing the Missions created for the park locations, constituents become engaged with their community, educated on our parks, and empowered to continue to learn more about the Precinct 2 community. The possibilities of Agents of Discovery are endless, and I am looking forward to some exciting new partnerships in the future!

How do you recognize or celebrate Women’s History Month? OR Who is an icon in women’s history that inspires you and why?

I recognize and celebrate Women's History Month by learning about and honoring the contributions and achievements of women throughout history. I also strive to support and uplift women in my personal and professional circles and take time to reflect on the progress that has been made toward gender equality! There are so many incredible female leaders within Precinct 2 that have made me feel empowered in my role. I am very blessed to be in the position that I am where I am continuously supported by other hardworking women!

More about Carly

Originally from Jacksonville, Florida, I pursued a bachelor’s degree in marine biology with a minor in Psychology at the University of West Florida. Following my previous job as a shark and stingray keeper at the Fort Worth Zoo, my fiancé and I relocated to Houston, Texas, at the end of 2022. I started with Precinct 2 on the first day of Spring Break Camp in 2023, which was the perfect way to join the Parks and Recreation Department! With a passion for community engagement and environmental stewardship, my role in the Parks and Recreation Department aligns perfectly with my career aspirations!