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Q&A with Amanda Marshall, Precinct 2's Assistant Director of Engineering


1. Describe your role and how it impacts Precinct 2 residents.

I am the Assistant Director of Engineering.  My primary responsibility is to deliver capital projects that align with Commissioner Garcia’s vision of Revive2Thrive.  Our infrastructure projects focus on revitalizing communities and making them more resilient, inclusive, and thriving. 

2. What past and current project are you involved in that makes you proud to serve Precinct 2? 

I am very proud to deliver the first Envision project in Harris County, Kowis Street Improvements. Envision is a framework that encourages the development and delivery of sustainable, resilient, and equitable infrastructure projects.   The project is substantially complete, and we’re submitting our verification documents to the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure (ISI).  We will have a celebration early next year to commemorate this achievement.  I’m also excited about all the work we are producing because of the 2022 Bond.  We’re planning, designing, and constructing sidewalks, trails, corridors, and parks throughout Precinct 2 to make it a better place to live, work and play.

3. October is National Pedestrian Safety Month. Can you describe Precinct 2’s efforts to make streets safer for pedestrians since 2019?

Since 2019, we’ve built over 65 miles of sidewalk throughout Precinct 2.  We’ve also upgraded 7 traffic signals that include improved pedestrian crosswalks, audible push buttons, and ADA-compliant ramps.  With Harris County’s adoption of Vision Zero, we’re also investing in making our streets safer for all users by incorporating innovative geometric designs, streetlights, shared use paths, improved bus stops, and traffic calming designs. 

4. What advice would you give young women in high school or college interested in pursuing a career in engineering?  

Don’t be afraid to step into rooms where you think you’re not welcome because your voice is valid and needed.  

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