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Q&A with Antonio Rosalio, Precinct 2's CIP Program Manager

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1. Describe your role in Precinct 2 and how it impacts Precinct 2 residents.

My principal role in Precinct 2 is to manage projects from conception to completion. My work impacts Precinct 2 residents because we focus on improving their quality of life, safety, and security by providing high-quality infrastructure that they need for transportation, recreation, and community development.

2. What do you enjoy most about your job?

The thing that I enjoy the most is solving problems that the community has had for a long time. The Commissioner delegates our engineering team to solve the problems in a quick and efficient way. We tackle projects pertaining to sidewalks, trails, parks, roads, and bridges that alleviate the needs of our constituents.

3. What or who inspired you to become an engineer?

I’ll say looking at my father working on construction as a Project Superintendent planted the seed to like all construction and knowing the engineer was the main executor of that work made me decide to look forward to becoming an engineer.

4. What do you like most about Precinct 2 or what is your favorite place in Precinct 2 to visit?

The place I like most is James Driver Inclusive Park not only for my involvement as Project Manager but also for the happiness of everyone who visits the park. This idea from Commissioner Garcia has been recognized by all the people who visit or become involved in any aspect of this facility. For me and many others, the project serves not only the East Aldine area but the whole greater Houston area. The thing I like most about this Precinct is the people, most of them are humble and hard workers.

5. We recently received a thoughtful thank you note from a Precinct 2 family you helped. What did that mean to you?

It meant a lot, not because we are looking to be recognized, but because we do what we do to serve the public and not expect anything back. We help thousands of people every year, and there are only a few who recognize the effort we make to serve the public with the dignity and professionalism they deserve.