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Q&A with Jeffrey Parsons, Precinct 2's Risk Management Manager


1. Describe your role as the Risk Management Manager for Precinct 2?

My role as the Divisional Manager of Risk Management includes leading and managing the Risk Management Team to serve Precinct 2 employees and our constituents. This includes coordinating with multiple state, county, and local officials to protect and provide a safe and healthy environment. Our division plays an integral role during county emergencies such as plant fires, explosions, chemical leaks, or weather emergencies. We also coordinate resource requests from the Harris County Office of Homeland Security Emergency Services as well as staffing the Precinct 2 Emergency Operations Center when activated.

2. How does your work help keep Precinct 2 staff and residents safe?

Our priority is to identify potential threats to Precinct 2 employees and constituents and then implement preventative mitigation measures. We accomplish this through employee training, assessments, audits, and inspections. 

3. What do you enjoy most about your job?

I enjoy the satisfaction of knowing our efforts protect employees and our Precinct2 constituents from personal injury, property loss, or both. In addition, we enjoy working and coordinating with many other Precinct 2 and Harris County departments.

4. September is National Preparedness Month. What is an aspect of emergency preparedness you think is often overlooked in households?

 In line with National Preparedness Month, so many topics come to mind. Preparation has always been and will continue to be the one action that can significantly reduce the impact and severity of an unwanted event. Employees many times will fail to prepare for an unforeseen loss of income. This could be the result of an injury or the result of a natural disaster. Preparation is frequently overlooked or isn’t given the respect deserved. It is common to routinely think that if there is a lack of preparation and needs arise such as daily medication, medical treatments, water, or food someone will be there to supply it. This is usually not the case. Resources can be significantly delayed during an emergency. Preparation goes beyond you being prepared. The question must be -- is your neighborhood or community prepared?

5. What is your favorite Precinct 2 park?

My favorite park in the precinct would be Challenger 7 😊

Jeffrey Parsons is the Risk Management Manager for Precinct 2. With more than 35 years of experience, he's led health, safety, and E\environmental (HSE) and risk management teams for multiple Fortune 100 companies. His focus areas included petrochemical, power generation, and transportation.  For more than 15 years, Jeffrey has volunteered as a mobile intensive care paramedic, underwater rescue diver, and advanced life support instructor. He's also taught hundreds of CPR, First Aid, Emergency Medical Technician, and First Responder classes for schools, police, fire, and other emergency response agencies. He joined Precinct 2 five years ago and enjoys traveling, hiking, and tennis.